Extraordinary Capabilities

Install More

4,000 kW machine capacity. 4.4kW maximum plug capacity. 968 spaces for S19, M30, A12 or similar system

Deploy Faster

Rapid build time. 416v ready
Internal room for an entire team

Increase Longevity

350,000 CFM, high static, pressurized environment.
MERV8 rated industrial filtration

An Automated Advantage

Switched and Managed PDU's

Drastically reduce costly man hours while substantially increasing uptime via automated reboots (upon server shutdown).

Managed HVAC System

Robotic smart speed fan controls maintain consistent cold aisle temperatures, air pressure, and ASIC chip temperature automatically

Remote Monitoring & Alerting

Designed for the remote environment. Monitoring, management and real time alerting built into all systems

Unmatched Airfow

Our floor intake air design pulls fresh air though a MERV8 filter skirt, removing the risk of weather entering the environment, while increasing space for technicians.

By positively pressurizing the environment, we have maximized the cooling coefficient via increased air density, while reducing the stress on small server fans.
Waste heat is channeled to prevent mixing. Dampers protect assets in the event of extreme conditions or power outages.

Engineered Flexible

SUSE Rated

Suitable for Use as Service Equipment (SUSE) with a high 65kA AIC rating allows the TessaRack to be directly tapped to a transformer

416v Ready

Reduce costs while increasing efficiency. TessaRack is certified to connect directly to a 380v – 416v primary supply

Future Proof

Everything is adjustable and serviceable. Don’t get stuck with welded, non-adjustable rack shelving and hard wired server cables


Technician Approved

Ample internal room allows for an entire team to happily work inside a Tessarack at once without bumping into one another

Modular Everything

Every component is highly accessible and quickly interchangeable to minimize downtime during standard maintenance.

Network Management

Included PFSense firewall comes configured with secure VLAN’s mapped to each rack switch

Safety First

Never buy any product from a manufacture who has not considered safety above all else. TessaRack only installs UL listed equipment. All electrical, HVAC, and other critical components have been engineered and approved by third party professionals. TessaRack wants to make sure all technicians are safe at all time. Exit doors are well within North American minimum standards, are well lit, and open outward with egress hardware.

Tessarack ensures every product it produces will exceed all standards.